Emi and Kendall

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Our Story

Time together:
9 years as of April 2023

First date:
Officially, going to see a movie (Draft Day). Unofficially/before that, we stayed until close one night at C-bar, just talking.

How we met:
Our friends started dating (and eventually got married themselves!). Kendall & his roommate, Gavin, met Jill and our other friend, Lisa, for the first time at a New Years Party. Gavin & Jill started dating and all of us began hanging out pretty frequently because of that. Emi & Kendall would start dating a couple years later. Jill & Gavin just celebrated their 5 year wedding anniversary and have two beautiful children (including Emi's godson, Artie), so this meeting was auspicious all around :) All of us are still very close and try to keep up with quasi-regular dinners (the girls see each other for a regular trivia night most Mondays).

What we have in common:
We love to try new restaurants and love food in general. We enjoy going to breweries and cideries and love to travel together. Both of us are big fans of road trips. We share a love of baseball (though we are a Mets fan and a Red Sox fan, respectively, so it's a bit 'house divided' over here. We can at least both agree that the Yankees suck). For the first several years we were dating (before the pandemic hit), we went to at least one MLB game a year. Kendall successfully converted Emi into a cat person and she, in turn, successfully converted him into a dog person (we have one of each now - Weaslebee & Devo). We like to hike together in warmer weather and love to spend time in the backyard grilling, crafting (& drinking) cocktails, and swapping playlist duties. Kendall taught Emi to appreciate Radiohead and Emi did the same for Kendall with Kacey Musgraves.

Where we differ:
To say Kendall is a football fan is the understatement of the year, whereas Emi grew up in a not-terribly-sporty family, primarily watching baseball & boxing matches. Emi is on Tik Tok and Instagram daily, whereas Kendall does not even have either app downloaded. Kendall has a background in acting and musical theater, whereas Emi has always struggled with stage fright and public speaking. Kendall has to look up the menu whenever we go somewhere new and Emi needs to know the parking situation, first and foremost.