Nearby & Recommended Accommodations

We haven't booked out a block of rooms for guests anywhere specific, but we have some recommendations for those traveling as to where to stay!

The Jupiter & Jupiter Next

A 3 minute drive or 11 minute walk from the reception venue, The Jupiter & Jupiter Next is a set of boutique hotels on Portland's east side. Centrally located, it's a quick drive from here to just about anywhere in the city, including across the bridge into downtown. Parking can be hard to come by in this area, but the hotel has some paid parking options, as well. The Jupiter Next is also home to one of the best bars in town, Hey Love.

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Hotel Eastlund

This hotel is near the convention center, also on the city's east side. It's about a 1.5 mile drive from the reception venue to this hotel. Paid valet parking is available.

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Aloft Portland Airport

If you're looking for accommodations closer to the airport, we recommend Aloft at Cascade Station. Cascade Station is a shopping center with restaurants, shops, and other conveniences nearby.

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McMenamins Kennedy School

McMenamins historic hotels are unique local properties where lodging, bars, and restaurants are often in converted historic buildings such as schools, churches, and more.

McMenamins Kennedy School is one such property in a former elementary school. There is a great soaking pool on-site and several bars, as well as a movie theater. It's also located in a walkable neighorhood in NE Portland.

This location isn't super close to our reception or ceremony venues, but it's a fun stay in a great neighborhood (and nothing is *too* far in a city the size of Portland).

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Airbnb, VRBO, etc.

For those traveling with family, wanting to lodge together as a group, or who just want a more homey feel, an Airbnb, VRBO, or other vacation rental might be a better fit.

Some great neighborhoods to stay in and explore include the Alberta Arts district or off Hawthorne Blvd, Division or Clinton Streets. We also love the Sellwood area, which is where our ceremony venue is located. Finally, places off NW 21st or NW 23rd downtown are also going to be super walkable.

If you have any questions about which areas might be best to stay in based on your needs, feel free to ask us!

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Downtown Accommodations

We're not big 'downtown' people and we go there infrequently, but it's a cool area to explore, especially when visiting. We recommend the Hotel Vintage, Hotel deLuxe, or The Inn at Northrup Station.