First off: we are dumb dumbs who fell in love with (& booked) our venues prior to considering our potential head counts fully.

This has meant we've needed to make some tough decisions around who to include and in which parts. Our ceremony venue holds even fewer people than our reception venue, so the ceremony list is even smaller.

We appreciate everyone's understanding about this, and please just know that if we could have invited everyone to everything, we would have, and we love you all dearly!

On this note, if we end up having more room at either the ceremony or reception venue due to guests unable to attend, we will certainly expand our plus-ones and invite more people to more things, as able!

This is why RSVP-ing promptly when your receive your invitation will be so helpful to us (especially if you cannot attend)!

Q: What's the Dress Code?

We've been getting this one a lot now that the wedding is getting closer! The vibe is dressy-casual. Enso is an urban winery so if you think "wedding at a winery" you're there!

As a bonus, sparkles/sequins are encouraged, but absolutely not required (I just like glitter, people).

Q: Are my kids invited?

A: We love all your kids, but, as described above, are limited with regards to space/head-counts at both our ceremony and reception venues.

Only kids who are in our family or who are non-local (for whom leaving them off the guest list might mean their non-local parents are unable to travel/attend), are invited. It's a very small list!

We appreciate your understanding. If you have additional questions about this, just reach out.

Q: Do I get a Plus One?

A: Married couples, and long-term partners who we have met, are both invited, but we generally are not providing plus-ones otherwise. This is again just down to space limitations. If you are not sure if you have a plus-one, look to how we addressed the invitation, and how we set up your RSVP options, to confirm.

If you have a concern in this area, just reach out to one of us to let us know.

How are you handling dietary restrictions?

We will have gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options available through our caterer, Teote.

The proteins served include: chicken, pork, and vegan chorizo.

If you have other/additional restrictions, please let us know so we can be sure to accommodate your needs!

Q: Do you have any masking policies or other COVID precautions in place?

We are several years into this ongoing pandemic and we expect most people know how to navigate these things with kindness and consideration for others. We trust your judgment: guests are welcome to wear masks, but it is not required; please do wear a mask if you have a minor case of the sniffles or similar.

If you are sick, please stay home. Similarly, if you are not comfortable with our masks-optional policy, we completely undersand if you decide to stay home. You will be missed, but there are no hard feelings at all for protecting yourself and others in this case! <3

Is there only going to be wine available?

No! Although the reception is at a winery, there will be at least one beer option and several non-alcoholic options available, too, including some aquas frescas from our caterer, as well as what Enso provides.

Is there an open bar?

Hell yes.

Do you have other questions?

Please feel free to reach out to us personally! You all know how to reach us :)